Your First Visit

Our Reception


At your initial consultation the osteopath will take a detailed case history including the symptoms you are suffering at present, when they started and how they affect your everyday life. We will ask detailed questions about your general health, previous accidents or trauma, your medical history including previous operations or illnesses and other relevant areas of health such as emotional stresses. If applicable it is helpful to have a list of current medications and any previous medical investigation reports.

This is followed by a full examination. You may be asked to undress to your underwear. If you are uncomfortable with this please wear loose clothing or shorts and a vest.

 The osteopath will look at your body, assess your posture and how your spine and other joints move. Any appropriate orthopaedic or neurological tests such as taking your reflexes will be carried out. The osteopath will use their hands to assess problems in your joints or muscles. From the examination we will have an understanding of what is causing the problem which we will explain to you along with how we would treat the problem and approximately how long treatment would take.

Depending  on the presenting condition additional investigations such as x-rays or blood tests may be required. If we feel our treatment is not appropriate for you we will refer you back to your GP or other suitable healthcare professional.

If you would like to bring someone with you to the appointment you are welcome to do so.

Your first appointment will include treatment, if appropriate.                       

Appointments last approximately 40 minutes and will include hands on treatment, postural advice and exercise advice.


Babies and children

At the initial consultation the osteopath will take a detailed case history including the reasons for bringing your child, current and past health issues and the pregnancy and birth history in relation to the child. If applicable it is helpful to bring your babies red book , have a list of medication along with any medical tests or scan results or developmental/educational assessment results.

This is followed by an examination where we may ask you to undress your child so we can look at their body and assess how their body is functioning. We make the examination as informal and fun as possible so your child feels as ease. We ask for babies to be undressed to their nappy. Examination can be carried out on the treatment table, or while the baby is being held by a parent .

Examination and treatment is not painful and our osteopaths are experienced and adept at working with children so they find the experience fun and relaxing.