Comber Osteopathy Privacy Statement

At Comber Osteopathy we take how we store and manage your personal and sensitive data very seriously.

Where is your data stored and is it secure?

Your information is held on our secure medical software Cliniko.

We are becoming a paperless practice. During this process any paper files are kept securely in a locked filing cabinet within a password locked room.

Access to this software is password protected and any device that is able to access the software is also password protected.

Cliniko is an Australian company (RED Guava Pty LTD) and your data is therefore stored on a secure server in Australia. (Complaint with all UK security standard)

Access to your data is also restricted to need to know basis. ONLY practitioners can assess medical / treatment data. Our answering team or any other administration staff can only see names and contact details needed for booking appointments. All staff have signed our data control and confidentiality policies.

We ONLY hold your data for the purpose of providing your treatment and maintaining legal and professional standards dictated by our government body The General Osteopathic Council. Your data will never be passed on or sold.

How long do we hold your data?

We are legally required to hold your data on our system for tax and litigation purposes for a minimum of 8 years for Adults and until their 25 th birthday for children.

After this time, you have the RIGHT to be forgotten and your data can be permanently deleted from our system. However, in order to provide the best care for you, we ask permission to hold your data for 15 years from the date of your last treatment. (WHY – This can be helpful as a record of how you have responded to different treatment techniques, seeing patterns in recurring issues, changes in medical history which could suggest underlying medical conditions.  You have the right to change your mind at any time and can contact the DATA controllers and ask for it to be deleted.

Contacting you

Cliniko automatically confirms your appointments by email at the time of booking and again 48 hours before your appointment. A test message is also sent 48 hours before appointment. We would request permission to contact you if there is clinic news that may be relevant to you such as new services, change of practitioners, etc.

Access to your data your legal rights

You have the right to request the data we hold about you any time. We have 30 days to comply with this request but we are obliged to confirm with photographic evidence, your identity before we can release this data. You have the right to correct, update, erase, restrict or object to your data being processed. Please do this by contacting the data controller.


On your first visit, you will be given a copy of this privacy policy to read and asked to acknowledge our data protection policy. It is also available on request, in the waiting room and on our website.

Through agreeing to this privacy policy you are consenting to Comber Osteopathy processing your personal and sensitive data for the purposes outlined. You can withdraw consent at any time by contacting the data controller.

Interaction with third parties

At times we may need to communicate with your doctor, other healthcare professional, solicitor etc, this can only be down with your permission through signing a consent form which we will provide.

Internet booking/website

We offer internet booking at our website through a link to our clinic software Cliniko. At booking you will be asked to tick to acknowledge that you consent to our privacy policy.

Card machine

We use Izettle card payment machine and software which are GDPR compliant.

The Data Controller for Comber Osteopathy

Julia McLaughlin is the data controller and can be contacted through the practice by


Tel: 02891971477

In writing: Comber Osteopathy, 19 Belfast Road, Comber, Co. Down, BT23 5EN

If we don’t comply with your request you have the right to contact the information commissioner.

Julia McLaughlin BSc(Hons)Ost.Med.

Aaron McCullogh Bsc(Hons)Ost.Med.

Dirk Smit M Ost.Med.

Comber Osteopathy

Tel : 02891971477

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